Plattform and service features in a nutshell

4G / 5G  network

With own connectivity and (e)SIM always available and tracable in real time and worldwide

GPS / GNSS / Wifi

Multiple tracking opportunities  up to precise radius of 1m , no matter where on the globe 


All information and data exports directly available on your PC or via App and Portal

iOS / android

Follow and check all data and alarms everytime and everywhere  available on your smartphone.

Individual Alarm

Fully configurable event matrix with unlimited possibilities for measurement analysis


Analysis of system reports up to 12 month and longer thanks to extensive archiving function

API Access

System events, alarms or reports, user and device management available via rest APIs

100% Compatible

We support more than 1200 modules from over 300 leading tracker/gateway OEM,  over 250 sensors

Telemetry for logistics

Telemetry data in real time via direct CAN bus connection or 1-Wire technology as well as Bluetooth, BLE 4.x, 5.x and others as well as OBD interface. Asset tracking in the immediate vicinity of trucks and trailers as well as data transmission of measured values ​​such as temperature, humidity, loading space sealing, etc., e.g. for supply chain monitoring or dispatch functions. Ideal as an aftersales solution.

Special telemetry for car trailers

Load status, tire pressure, operating hours counter, driving behavior analysis and accident detection are implemented for car trailers. Battery monitoring for tipping trailers, overload indicator, intelligent charging management and backup power supply as a fleet solution or for rental models with a high degree of self-sufficiency.

For Car Sharing & Rental Services

Telemetry data in real time via direct CAN bus connection and OBD dongle. Driving behavior analysis, event control, theft protection, accident detection, predictive maintenance and much more are possible. Tenants and driving behavior become measurable, accidents recognizable. The use of artificial intelligence enables unwanted rental customers to be blacklisted later.

Connected Construction site

Where are my tools? Who is doing what? When are the maximum operating hours reached? With our platform, contractors, rental companies and contractors always know the current status of your fleet. Especially for older machines that are not equipped with such electronics from the factory, such functions can be retrofitted in minutes and vehicles, machines and other objects can be made visible.

Connected Agriculture

From moisture detection and temperature to movement data of fleets or animals, everything that provides important measurement data can be monitored with our platform. Regardless of whether you are monitoring a greenhouse, the moisture in the soil or the current boost pressure of a tractor’s turbocharger. With over 250 sensors to choose from, the possible uses are almost unlimited.

And your Use case ?

Contact us! We will be happy to advise you on the decision-making process and show you how you can quickly simplify processes and generate added value with simple networking using our platform. And the good thing about it; it’s a lot cheaper than you think!